Sunday School

For many of us the religious education of our children means bringing them Sunday Church School but it is much more. The religious education of our children means attending the Divine Liturgy and praying together in Church. Even more, it’s when we help a child light a candle in Church; praying together before a meal; reading our Bible or attending Bible class. It’s when we teach Sunday Church School to help young people grow in their Faith and participating in the Sacraments. Religious Education is all of these things and more. It's really about getting to know the Person of Christ and following His commands. “It's when all of us come together as one, becoming and functioning as the Body of Christ.”

While primary religious instruction occurs in the home, it is the mission of the Annunciation Sunday School program to supplement that instruction in a way that is age-appropriate and accessible to our children. Through artwork, group discussion, reading, lecture and music, the Sunday School curriculum includes topics as basic as how to do your cross, what it means to fast and proper decorum and behavior in the Church. The children will learn the symbolism that is the Divine Liturgy, understand the sacraments, learn the essential prayers of our faith, including the Nicene Creed and Lord’s Prayer, and learn how to pray. Older children will engage in thoughtful discussion about what it means to live an Orthodox Christian life.

We ask the parents to bring their children to church on time so they will not miss Liturgy or lessons. Divine Liturgy begins at 10:00 a.m.  All Sunday School classes begin immediately after the Eucharist as students will be safely escorted downstairs by the Sunday School staff and Parish Council members in order for their parents to continue their worship.