Annunciation Bookstore

Looking for a unique Orthodox Christian book, Orthodox censor or other worship items? We work with a variety of suppliers that may have just what you need. Contact us at

The Annunciation Bookstore offers many items for our parishioners:

Prayer Books
Incense and Censors
Children's Books
Icons of either a girl or boy with a Guardian Angel (very popular item - makes a great Baptism gift)
All icons, either in stock or upon request
We now have available the DVDs of our Church Consecration Service.

For those interested in architecture and church history, we offer a beautiful hard cover book featuring all the churches of the Metropolis of Boston, professionally photographed and including brief histories of each community.

The following is a small sample of the books available. Special orders can be taken upon request.

  • Children's Bible Reader - Illustrated stories from the Old and New Testaments for young readers.
  • Let's Take a Walk Through the Orthodox Church - This book takes a child on a tour through an Orthodox Church, clearly and simply explaining the meaning of many objects seen in most Orthodox Churches.
  • Preparing for Marriage - An Orthodox perspective for the preparation of the Sacrament of Marriage. Includes the text of the sacrament.
  • Living Responsibly In an Age of Excuses - Focuses on taking moral responsibility for our actions, based on David's confession in Psalm 50 (51).
  • The Orthodox Church - The history of our Orthodox Church and it's position in today's world.
  • The Orthodox Church A to Z - A practical handbook of the Orthodox Church packed with useful information about the Church, including what it teaches, how it worships, its sacraments, feasts, calendar and prayers. Includes a glossary containing 500 terms, definitions and descriptions.
  • A Dictionary of Greek Orthodoxy - Highly recommended for Orthodox Christians who are interested in a greater and deeper knowledge of their faith. An English-Greek index makes it easy to look up key words.
  • Introduction to the Orthodox Church - For those wishing to learn more about the Orthodox Church.
  • The Orthodox Study Bible - A bible for every Orthodox home. Includes the Old and New Testaments presented with commentary from the ancient Christian perspective.
  • Living in Christ - A guide to spiritual growth.
  • Growing in Christ - A guide to obtaining maturity in the Orthodox Faith.
  • All Ye Saints - Alphabetical listing of Saints and Feast-days.
  • Cookbooks For Everyday Greek Cuisine.
  • Many other books and items of interest are offered.

Please stop by the bookstore after Divine Liturgy on Sundays or by appointment.