What Is Christian Stewardship?


Good Stewardship is about realizing that God has blessed you and that He is expecting you to bless others with those same gifts. It is about acknowledging the influence and power of God in your life. It is about thanking God through His Church for everything.

With its roots in the Scriptures, in the parables of Christ and the writings of the Church Fathers, Stewardship is nothing less than everything that God expects from you. It is your time, your talent, your treasure and your whole being offered to God in grateful thanksgiving.

This is how we should give to God: with all our hearts. When Christ says that He can find what is most valuable to you (your treasure) by where your heart is, we need to ask ourselves, “Where is my heart?” “What am I living for?” “What am I teaching the next generation with my actions?” “What am I thinking about while at work or even at home?” At least in part, God expects the answer to be HIM!

Your donations are needed and appreciated. We encourage you to see the Church not as a place that serves you but as the place that you serve. It is not payment for services rendered but Stewardship for the ministry of God. How much is that worth to you? How much needs to be done here and throughout the world to carry out the message of the gospel? This is a task given to us by Christ, a task that He is entrusting to all of us. Please help us make it a reality.


In I Corinthinans 16:2 we read “On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his/her income.” Regular stewardship contributions are easier to manage and keep the Church and her ministries in our thoughts and plans. One way to do this is through automatically scheduled payments sent directly from your bank. In this way, we offer back to God the “first fruits” of our labor, realizing that all we possess comes from Him.

In II Corinthians 9:7 we read “Each person should give what he/she has decided in his/her heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Consider your weekly expenditures on entertainment, coffee, etc. Keep in mind that the expenses of the Church increase every year. In order to grow our ministries and meet our expenses, stewardship contributions must also increase each year.

The more we are given, the more is expected of us. Each steward should determine the percentage of their income that will be committed to Christ and His Church.

Annual Giving

Monthly Giving

Weekly Giving