Parish Council

2020/2021 Parish Council

Rev. Fr. Michael Kouremetis, Spritual Advisor

Nicholas Babanikas, President

George Panagoulopoulos, 1st Vice President Administration

William Alexopoulos, 2nd Vice President Maintenance

Joanna Stellakis, Secretary

Stephania Calogrias, Treasurer

George Alexis

Matthew Bazarian

Georgia Besarick

Antonios Iosifidis

Stephen Passias

Ilias Potsis

Niko Psikarakis

Katherine Tsianakas

Paula Tsitsopoulos

Adamandios Zouroulidis

Monthly Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are open to the parish - We are constantly looking for volunteers to join the various committees.

If interested in joining a committee please contact the church office.

Finance Committee

Stewardship Committee

House & Grounds Committee

Festival Committee